Massive Wisdom Parnter Programme

Nestling Course (Age 10-12)

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The Nestling course focuses on game development and machine learning theory which our young talents are guaranteed a guided hands-on experience in building their very own game. As our little coder’s transition into the final stages of their concrete operational development years, they begin to develop a sharper sense of logical and operational thoughts as well as learning how to quantify numbers (mass, weight). Therefore, by introducing project-based learning as our medium of delivery, this course not only lays the foundation building blocks of coding but also giving them an opportunity to understand how a computer learns while developing essential soft skills for programming. The hands-on experience aims to spark the passion for coding in our young talents.

Course Overview:

  • Coding Foundation
  • Learning of Event-Based Functions
  • Animating Characters with Programming
  • Creation of In-Game Content
  • Machine Learning Theory

Learning Outcomes:

  • Game Building
  • Foundational Programming
  • Logical Thinking