Introduction to Cloud Computing (Webinar Programme)

Introduction to Cloud Computing (Webinar Programme)

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Cloud computing has become one of the key technologies in transforming the digital sector in many ways possible as the demand for cloud computing requires skills in providing solutions for users, professionals are required to understand the fundamentals of cloud computing, the benefits of cloud computing as well as utilizing cloud computing into achieving business objectives.

This course will touch on the concept of cloud computing, how cloud computing provides solutions and the analysis of cloud computing providers.

The course aims to provide the participants with the basic understanding of cloud computing terminologies, structures, and solutions they provide, bringing businesses to newer heights with cloud computing strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction to IoT, AI & Blockchain terminologies
  • Case studies on these technologies in the industry
  • Understanding each of their technological frameworks
  • The ability to make better strategies with acquired knowledge
  • Learn how IoT connects technologies

Our webinars will include the following:

  • Webinar Videos
  • E-Book
  • Free Anti-Virus Software