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Immersion is the experience of immersing oneself in a fictional world. Immersion takes place when the audience forgets that it’s an audience and when lines between story and marketing, storyteller and audience, illusion and reality are blurred. That gives it enormous impact. From 3D to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the goal is to eliminate any barrier between person and experience. MWG works with industry groups on immersive, technology-driven brand experiences.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. The prices indicated above are for the DEPOSIT of the selected consultation session only. Additional charges may apply.
  2. Consultation fees DO NOT include other services such as Penetration Testing, Data Analysis, Vulnerability Scanning, Distributed Denial-of-Service Protection, Cyber Security Training, etc.)
  3. Other consultations are not included and may be charged as another session.
  4. Upon engaging our professional services, the client will be charged separately by our specialist.
  5. All our consultation sessions shall be charged at an hourly rate.
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