Adopting the MWG AGILE WAY Professionally with Minimum Cost (Webinar Programme)

Adopting the MWG AGILE WAY Professionally with Minimum Cost (Webinar Programme)

Massive Wisdom Group
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The MWG AGILE methodology is a process by which a team can manage a project by breaking it up into several stages and constantly improving it. MWG believes that by recognizing and applying the agile method in projects, you will be able to use different tactics and compare the agile triangle of constraints with that of traditional project management. We will guide you the know-how to implement Agile frameworks into your business and understand the organizational impact to provide the value of AGILE on businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Define Agile and understand why it is being adopted in the industry
  • Understand the drivers of Agile
  • Explore Agile methodologies and understand the Scrum framework

Who should sign up for this course?

  • Intended for project managers & program managers who wants to learn effective Agile methods
  • Anyone who wants to efficiently participate in agile projects.
  • Mid-high level executives

Course Outline:

  • Introduction
  • Design Thinking in AGILE
  • Hypothesizing AGILE to work for various outcomes
  • The Key Practices of AGILE
  • AGILE's impact on project Initiation
  • Utilizing AGILE in project management
  • Understanding AGILE methodologies
  • Perks of AGILE and how it differs from the traditional method
  • Practical AGILE case studies

Our webinars will include the following:

  • Webinar Videos
  • E-Book
  • Free Anti-Virus Software